March, 2011: The Moviegoer by Walker Percy

(Book #11) Ellen hosted this gathering as it was her suggestion that we read this book.    To compliment the Mardi Gras setting of the book, she served take-out from the restaurant Wishbone, cheese grits, red beans and rice, cornbread and other delicious things. Her husband, a literature professor, talked to us about Walker Percy before we started our own discussion. Some of the members had difficulty with this one because of the existential nature of the novel. It’s likely that we’ve all been through some level of existential anxiety, but stopped reading about it when we were younger.  Perhaps we would have been more tuned in to Binx Bolling’s search for meaning in his 30-some years of life before we were nearing retirement age! The writing is quite good and it was easy to want to read certain parts over again just to listen to the language, but overall it wasn’t a hit with too many of us.