April, 2011: The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley

(Book #12) This book was chosen by Marcia, but hosted by Geri and it lives in our book club folklore like no other! In order to set the perfect ambiance for the book, we walked into Geri’s home in the mists of dry ice! She would like it noted that she learned a great deal about dry ice from this experience!

She served several lovely wines all chosen for the appropriate nature of their names: one was called Avalon perfectly enough and another was Stag’s Leap. We had a delicious Shepherd’s pie for the main course and for dessert we had a cake that Geri had ordered from Bittersweet. (We sang Happy Birthday to Geri’s daughter who was in Italy at the time and probably couldn’t hear us.)

Everyone had quite a lot to say about this book. Marcia admitted that it was this book that gave her courage during a very difficult time in her life. We all thought it was great when it is somehow possible to find what you need in a book and we talked about similar experiences. I was disappointed in Avalon. For all their wisdom, Avalon was no less bloody in its governance than any other political or religious system.