April, 2013: Money: A Suicide Note by Martin Amis

(Book #36) Decadence. Sharon was going for decadence when she hosted this event. She had chocolate money strewn on the table and the appetizers were pigs in a blanket. This book was a very different read for most of us, a decadence of alcohol, sex, drugs, more sex and more sex. One of my favorite comments came from Mary, later in the evening when she wondered if she’d ever be able to get that donkey out of her head.  The book was so different than what we typically read that Geri returned the book, arguing that it couldn’t be what she ordered. We certainly aren’t prudes, but, Martin Amis clearly has way more imagination than the likes of us. 

The meal was delicious. Sharon served salmon and a wonderful salad. For dessert there were two choices of cupcakes: chocolate and lemon. I felt it was important to try both as the chocolate was supposed to imitate the Hostess cupcake.  I say when, and I say Hostess.