December, 2013: The Great Lenore by J.M. Tohline

(Book #44) Geri, our special Christmas hostess welcomed a full house of book club members and their cookies! She made us a drink called a Stone Fence that somehow talked each of us into having more than we should. Though none of us were terribly impressed with the Gatsby inspired novel* that we read, the meal that is sparked was amazing. It was called a Nantucket Noel. There was beef tenderloin with a delicious reduction, corn pudding, lobster toast and shrimp. The only thing missing was Geri’s husband in a Santa costume in a motorboat! After the meal, Geri served a wonderful cheesecake and then it was time for COOKIES! Fourteen delightful varieties.

I gave the girls their mini book ornaments for the book each hosted this year and gave them their boarding passes for Fictional Airlines, our reading list for 2014. Off we go!

*My Goodreads review: While I enjoyed trying to identify similarities to The Great Gatsby, I didn’t find the novel terribly intriguing. It was difficult to see the greatness in Lenore — and the men attracted to her (with the possible exception of her grandpapa) are not an exceptional breed.