July, 2014: Birds of a Lesser Paradise by Megan Mayhew Bergman 

(Book #51)  Marcia hosted this meeting and we had a lovely evening in her backyard. It seemed to work perfectly to be outside for this one because it is all about the way our choices are shaped by both the menace and beauty of the natural world.  I had added this book to our list because one of the short stories “Yesterday’s Whales” had particular meaning to me. In it a young woman realizes that despite her commitment to the environment (zero population growth) her maternal instinct, when triggered by a surprise pregnancy is just too strong to overrule. Unfortunately many of the girls didn’t see the beauty in these stories but found them depressing. No one likes the short story as much as I do, but it seems I continue to add them to our diet!  Our diet tonight was a light garden fare of Caesar salad with our choice of chicken or salmon, great wine and bread and for dessert big cookies with a choice of ice cream flavors.