August, 2014: A Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving

(Book #52) Chris hosted this evening with a contribution of Canadian dessert provide by Lynn who just returned from a visit to her mother and the home of her birth. (Does it make you want to sing Oh, Canada!?) We sat on Chris’ deck for a lovely dinner by the bay; delicious chowder, seafood salad in lettuce cups, fresh tomatoes and corn. We felt Owen would find it THE BEST POSSIBLE MEAL for his story. Our Canadian desserts included Butter Tarts, Date Bars, Maple Cookies and Sucre Creme.  The book was a big hit with all of those in attendance. We talked about the recurring Joseph reference and which characters fell into the role of supportive onlooker — or non-practicing homosexual and we offered opinions as to whether Owen actually believed in his reported virgin birth. I was left with the question: If Johnny found faith in God because of Owen, what did it do for him?