November, 2014: Baking Cakes in Kilgali by Gaile Parkin

(Book #55) Sharon hosted us in her third residence since she joined us! [3/5] She served chicken in peanut sauce, Brussels sprouts with bacon and a salad. For dessert there was not one but two cakes from a bakery. where Sharon’s main request was that they be colorful. One of the cakes was inscribed with Hakuna Matata. [Four years later when we celebrated our 100th book with 100 cupcakes and a 100 question quiz, I asked “Who served us a cake that was decorated with the words Hakuna Matata” and Sharon confidently answered “Melissa!”  It did seem like something Melissa would do but buzzzzzz Oh I’m sorry it was you, Sharon!]

As we discussed the book, everyone appreciated it for what it is, but agreed that it didn’t have much substance. One of the girls mentioned that one of the characters would reference “noise in the courtyard” but it would turn out to be nothing. My sister Dodie bakes cakes for friends/acquaintances and charges about half of what she should, but what she’d really like to do is be a life coach or maybe a dictator. I guess that’s why I appreciated the ways in which Angel applied her influence to right wrongs, guide life choices and bring people together.  But like the other members, I wasn’t very emotionally invested.