March, 2015: Gilead by Marilynne Robinson

(Book #59) Mary hosted a discussion of Gilead which I was unable to attend because I was helping my daughter move all of her worldly possessions or probably more accurately, I was exhausted from helping my daughter move all of her worldly possessions. Chris was also unable to attend but sent a lengthy email about how much she appreciated the book. Rosalie said she wanted to know more about Lila and she was in luck because Lila would later be included in our 2016 reading list. Though I typically balk at reading anything with high levels of religious content, I was really taken with the beautiful depiction of the everyday, particularly the description of sunlight through drops of water. The rambling bothered me during the read but was forgiven in retrospect.

Mary served macaroni and cheese as an homage to Lila’s minimal skills in the kitchen and a meatloaf to pay tribute to the ladies who brought food to take care of the Congregationalist minister.