November, 2015: 84, Charing Cross Road by Helene Hanff

(Book #67) Linda hosted our November meeting and started us off with deviled egg appetizers.  After all of the talk about real eggs versus powdered eggs, there had to be some eggs on the menu. There was also clam dip with celery and crackers, but I was pretty busy with the deviled eggs. For dinner we had Shepherd’s pie with a salad, broccoli with garlic and bread crumbs and a delicious apple crisp for dessert.

When we started talking about the book, the first comment was about the leap of faith it took to send money in the mail from New York to London! Of course, the conversation included our appreciation for how she respected books so dearly — that was the best part of it, really, the idea that books mean so much to some of us that a relationship could ignite between a bookseller and a lover of books. None of us could quite believe that she never made it to London–  during the time of the correspondence.