January, 2016: Hold Still by Sally Mann

When I sent out the notice for the upcoming gathering, I sent this photo via email. My grandson was happy to help.

(Book #69) For our meeting, I created The Sally Mann Hold Still Menu with items mentioned in the book and also served at the Southern Inn, in her home town of Lexington Virginia. 

THE SALLY MANN HOLD STILL MENU                                                             

BAKED BRIE  Wrapped in Phyllo with Poached Asian Pear served with Toasted Baguette and Asian Pear Jelly  – page 53 

SOUTHERN FRIED CHICKEN  Served with Mashed Potatoes, Local Vegetables and Biscuits – page 278

APPLE CRISP   Apples, Pears and Raisins Served Warm with Vanilla Ice Cream – page 85

Our discussion had much more fire than I would have imagined because one of the girls agreed with some of Mann’s critics believing she’d taken advantage of her children by photographing them naked. I couldn’t feel that way about it at all because the pictures were all so natural, capturing children at play. I guess what can never be factored into consideration is the way in which the pictures are seen no matter what the intent of the photographer.