August, 2011: Tender is the Night by F. Scott Fitzgerald

(Book #16) Melissa hosted this meeting and we welcomed a new member, Sharon, who was recruited by Melissa. Melissa served us wine and cheese to start and went on to a buffet of wonderful items — polenta topped with spinach and mushroom, corn salad, fresh green beans, quinoa, sweet potato and rice timbales — all delicious– and a fruit tart for dessert.

Most of us liked the book though Geri found portions of it hard to credit. Geri talked about an article she’d read about Fitzgerald’s essays and the new movie Midnight in Paris. We talked about the theme of wasted promise; the excessive lifestyle so popular in the 20’s; and the numerous references to non-traditional sexuality even that which becomes criminal. Sharon asked if there was always this much discussion about the book and we told her that a few of our choices have left us with very little to discuss!