March, 2014: Holy Orders by Benjamin Black

(Book #47)  The girls were greeted with rowdy pub songs and shots of Jameson. Jameson was product placed in the book six times so we had Jameson in Jameson shot glasses, on Jameson coasters, with Jameson can openers for prizes. There was also Guinness and Harp beer and a selection of wine all in green bottles with green labels. Appetizers included fingerling style potato skins, 3 kinds of Irish cheese and beer batter deep fried Camembert cheese with Cumberland sauce. The meal consisted of Dublin Coddle, carrots and onions in cream, green beans with snap peas, bacon and almonds, Irish soda bread with Kerrygold butter. Desserts were Jameson caramel chocolate pecan pie and/or applesauce cake with lemon icing. We were joined by a new member, Lynn, [the one who didn’t like short stories and has since moved but not because she didn’t like short stories.] Members were split in their reaction to the book — Chris is already reading others in the series and Lynn has completed the series. I was one of the members who felt it didn’t work well as a stand-alone read in that if you don’t read the next in the series, you never learn what was up with Quarke’s hallucinatory episodes. I was also unhappy with the writing because no matter who was asking the questions or who was answering, no one ever gave a straight answer — ever!