May, 2014: A Hologram for the King by Dave Eggars.

(Book #49) Melissa hosted our trip to Saudi Arabia and created the atmosphere with potted palms, a crowned canopy, jeweled table runner, gold mesh tablecloth, jeweled mirror party favors, gold frond dishes, the perfect music and incense. She served olive, cheese and date appetizers, hummus and crackers and pistachios. For the meal there was lamb and rice, chicken kabobs, falafel, tabouleh, rice and lentils, shawarma, salad, pita and assorted pastries for dessert.

Using the Goodreads rating scale, our book ratings spanned from Liked It to Loved It. Geri was very taken by the book and did some extra reading about Dave Eggars. Some of us recommended his Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius for an autobiographical insight. Chris had recommended the book and loves if for the writing and the way Alan is portrayed so sympathetically human. One of her favorite passages: “He thought of his home. He wondered who was in his home at the moment, who might be passing through, touching things, leaving.” One of my favorites is: “We’ve become a nation of indoor cats, he said.”