Book Club 101 Has a Little Free Library!

My daughter, Frances, made this happen for me. After the weight gain of the early pandemic, Frances and I took walks around our extended neighborhood and I was charmed to find two Little Free Libraries in our area. I began exchanging books with both, while Frances secretly worked on getting me one of my own. She painted it to match our home, the lighter cream color represents the bricks. Frances is not as interested in reading as I am; she’s more into movies, British TV and radio shows; but she is ever so gracious about allowing me to read favorite passages to her. She once had me watch just a portion of the movie About Time because a father (one of my favorite actors, Bill Nighy) and son shared the same reading relationship. I’m a lucky mom.

This picture was taken on its very first day just after a friend, Chris, dug the post hole, leveled it, and secured the library to the post. He wasn’t interested in any of the books I had available at this time, but I’ll find one he’ll enjoy the next time he comes over to fix something for me. I am lucky to have gotten to know Chris and his wife Kathy at St. Josaphat Summerfest back in the day.

On Day 2 of its existence outside my home, my grandson and I checked on it before walking to school and found that six books were already off to new homes. Today, Day 3, three more books are gone and TWELVE new donations have joined them. As you may be able to guess, I feel lucky to be SO fascinated by this new addition to my life!