Extra Credit

From time to time I will use the Extra Credit category to give away books I no longer need. Check my Office Hours for my email address and send an email for an absolutely free — even the media mail shipping is free– used copy of the last book the girls and I read: The Accidental Tourist by Anne Tyler. You will have to trust me enough to send me your address, and there is no particular reason for you to do so, but come on, I read all the time and  I played insurance agent as a kid. I’m a bit nerdy, but completely safe.

Who doesn’t remember cute little Reese Witherspoon as June Carter in Walk the Line saying:  “Whenever I finish a book I give it away to somebody. It just lightens my load.”

Update:  We have a Winner Winner (without the Chicken Dinner) from the city which is ten miles north of my home town. Congratulations, Heather! The Accidental Tourist is in an envelope ready to go to the post office.